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If you have been reading this blog for anything more than a couple of months, you will have noticed quite a few changes. Mainly small changes to navigation & layout- but with one quite noticeable change- adverts.


Well, like most things, it comes down to money. As the visitor number (slowly) ramp up on a monthly basis- the current hosting will probably last quite a bit longer. But at some point, it will outgrow the tiny VPS that it currently sits on. The idea that displaying a couple of adverts- that hopefully don’t distract from the content that I publish, to cover at least the hosting costs is quite a nice idea.

Adverts suck!

You know what, I don’t disagree. But at the end of the day, if you had an option of paying to view content, or just see a couple of adverts- what would you pick? Take your pick of web examples- but nearly every newspaper that’s gone pay-only view has seen viewers/subscriptions drop off a cliff. So, for the moment at least, I hope that a couple of ads don’t destroy the value of the words that I type.

What next?

Well, nothing really- I don’t have any other plans to monetise this site, for the moment. I’m still hoping for a semi-weekly posting, sometimes I manage it, other times I don’t. I’m always looking to write about something new, and have some ideas about writing about ethical investing, some community offers, and perhaps even some EIS/SEIS schemes etc. Pushing myself to look into slightly more than just the standard- throw everything in a pension and leftovers in an ISA. There are millions of articles on the internet about this already.

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